Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can I hear you now?

Isn't technology amazing or as most moms would say "isn't that something else?" I'm only saying it because this is being typed on my phone while I wait in a doctor's office. Earlier, I used it to catch up on twitter and attempted to stump a friend in a game of hang man. Although entertaining, it doesn't keep me from chuckling at the woman sitting a few feet away from me, commenting on what is on the tv. It also helps that she is sitting with her face only inches from the screen.

Of course, I stopped writing this to read an article in the latest Antenna Magazine* that discussed an experiment where the participants went without their phones for 48 hours. It was a fun read but I immediately felt like a failure when I picked up my phone to make sure I hadn't missed any tweets. Then I remembered the woman who looked like she was making out with the female host of a day time show (It's cool. That's legal now). Talk about instant gratification.

Now, as great as phone technology has become, I still don't understand why people talk on their phones while driving. No, I don't mean the tool bags with their Bluetooths, in their Mercedes that will cost more than the artificial insemination my future wife and I will go through because things like this get on my nerves. I'm talking about the people who still hold their phones. Unfortunately, the tools have it right here. Their Mercedes is less likely to end up in the rear of my sweet Protege.

Well, before I really start sounding like a jaded douche, I'll end with saying that I love my phone. I'm also very addicted to it. So addicted, I've taken up stealing.

*Pete, I swiped the issue from your coffee table on my way home Monday morning. Don't expect it back. I've sold it.