Friday, September 23, 2011

Commemorative Plates

Imagine my frustration as I'm cruising down the highway when I was suddenly cut off by someone who didn't signal. They flew right past me and across to the next lane. In a raging fit of anger, I silently muttered their demise in my car and turned up the radio. I'm sure they got the point.

After a few minutes, I completely forgot about the incident and continued on my way to work. Everything was going smooth and I was enjoying the ride. Suddenly, the same car was within my vision. The very first thing I did was turn down the radio and concentrate on the car. Nothing was muttered until my eyes settled on their license plate. Wouldn't you believe it? They were from Jersey. God help the person who would have to read my eulogy if our interaction resulted in my death. 

"We're here to celebrate the life of Eric Remly, who was so suddenly taken from us by the douche of Jersey. Too young and too soon. May he rest in peace and Jersey lay in ruins." That's about right.

Terrible thoughts of how much I hate Jersey ran through my head. There was more muttering and raising of the stereo volume. It was then that the car slowed down and I got a better look at it. I had been so wrong. This driver wasn't from Jersey. No, not at all. He was the tragic victim of my prejudice because he had the most recent New York plate.

Oh God, could he ever forgive me? This poor man must not have seen me when he was merging. For all I know his turning signal was busted. Man, did I feel like crap.

It's all that damn Yellow's fault.

No. That dude was jerk. 

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