Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It Smells Like Almonds

"Damn it."

A phrase that's often repeated through out my days as of late. Events have unfolded in my life that remind me it's not much fun sometimes. Times where I've realized I shot myself in the foot, but it's taken me over 6 years to find it out. How long does it take for gangrene to set in?

The weird part is that I don't know if this is normal. Are other people who are approaching their 30's dealing with the same thing? Maybe this is exclusive to me. It is my foot after all. A part of me hopes that other people are going through this too, but the majority of me doesn't.

I worry that I've come to the point where life stops being fun and becomes about getting by. The part that my parents warned me to avoid like the plague. Obviously I didn't pay attention to them and I'm wondering if I can limp past without hearing an "I told you so."

I'm pretty sure all these feelings will be null and void in about two weeks and not because it'll be over. Either that or I'm chopping off my foot and training for the Special Olympics.

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