Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ricky, Don't Lose That Number.

Quick! What's the telephone number to your best friend's house? Ok. Now what's the number to their cellphone? If you're like me, you can probably remember the answer to the first question, but can't answer the second one to save your life. Back in my day (I can't believe I'm using those words), there was nothing but a piece of paper that helped us remember someone's phone number. The same could be said about their address.

Recently, I was helping my mom move some things around. In one of her old purses, I found a personal phonebook with the numbers and addresses of almost everyone I remembered from my childhood. What shocked me more than the fact that it was held together with tape was that it was completely up to date. There were names in there of people who had recently come into her life and I found myself asking myself if I had that kind of information about my own friends.

Sure, I could remember the number to my best friend's home, my mom's job, sister, our house, and even the ever popular Jenny of Tommy Tutone fame. What I couldn't remember was my dad's new cell phone number, best friend's cell phone, anyone's cell phone for that matter. Throw into the mix that I don't know their addresses either. Like most people, I know exactly how to get there, but I don't know the name to all of the streets. Thinking about it, the only address and number I actually remember memorizing, as of late, were to my current job.

If you're like me, you pop a new number into your phone and never look at it again. You trust that when you tap their name, your phone will do all the work and soon the two of you will be connected. Sometimes you don't even see a number. Instead of calling, a text will be sent and the only information you see about the receiving end is their name. And how many times has that bit you in the ass, accidentally sending a text to the wrong Angela? You know? The one who has a nice personality, but you never want to see her again, but you forgot to get rid of her number? Congratulations, you're the embodiment of false hope and it's all because you don't know their numbers and forgot to differentiate when you put them in your phone's contacts.

What I find funny about all of this is that it's coming from a society that is terrified of giving out personal information, yet willingly post it on Facebook for most everyone to see. The world can figure out where you are at an exact moment because people became obsessed with "checking in" to places. Even more, pictures are taken to further prove that they were at said establishment, and they were completely wasted. But, Lord help them if they ever need to call a friend for a ride and lost their cell phone.

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