Friday, January 13, 2012

What About Mom?

I'm terrible, I mean God awful, at buying gifts. The only person who I seem to get things right for is my sister. If that's not the case, she's one hell of an actress and deserves a lifetime achievement award for the performances she's put on every Christmas morning. But even when it comes to buying things for myself, I'm the absolute worst. I'm sure some of you out there could give me a run for my money (It's mine! You can't have it.) and you're probably right. At least I can get my sister the right things.

Mom has always been the toughest person to buy things for. It's not because she's a cold hearted woman with the emotions of a boulder. She's the exact opposite of that, but this doesn't help me buy gifts for her. The thing that makes my mom the toughest person to buy a gift for is that she was born on Christmas. Christmas! How am I supposed to find the right gift that says "Happy Birthday, Mom! You weren't upstaged by Jesus in the least bit"? So far, I've resorted to jewelry and spa days. 

It just sometimes feels like I have to make up for the years that I couldn't afford gifts while I was hanging out in the playground. Honestly, the thought that my Mom shared a birthday with Jesus on Christmas never really hit me until I was making a decent living. I guess I just took it for granted that my mom had dealt with it and moved on. But now was my moment to make her birthday and Christmas two separate events. Not to mention, I was completely wrong about her "dealing with it." No one would.

My sister and I, mainly my sister, hammered that fact home two years ago. We had decided to throw Mom the biggest party she'd had in years. The significant part of this event? It was going to be at the end of January as to keep it far away from Christmas and the holiday season. The party went off better than expected and planned! She was completely surprised and had a blast. The night was filled with dancing, drinking, and lots of laughs. Seriously, what more could you ask for in a party?

So, that had settled it. As of that night, I was able to separate my mom's birthday from the holiday season. Too bad it didn't help me with picking out gifts, though.

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