Friday, March 9, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About It.

I feel comfortable saying that most of us have fallen victim to social websites spilling the beans on something. It could have been the winner of a game you recorded, the ending to a movie you wanted to see, or the plot twist in one of your favorite shows. The last one is what recently happened to me. Sadly, it happened to some other friends as well.

While hanging out with a friend, they got up to use the bathroom, and I decided to check my Instagram feed. There it was, smacked right in the middle; a character from one of my current favorite shows had bit the dust and I wasn't around to see it. A little picture with some lettering on it let me know what I had been waiting all week to find out. Needless to say, I got pissed and it wasn't just me. After checking facebook, it seems that the out of bag cat shat all over everyone's newsfeed.

Reading through everyone's comments and status updates, even taking a step back and analyzing my own reaction, I got the sick feeling that maybe we were caring too much. Our friends had instantly become hated and I even called someone a 'dipshit'. Really? I reverted to using a term I hadn't heard, let alone spoken, in years? It's only a TV show.

Don't worry. This isn't where I'm going to preach and tell everyone that there are bigger concerns in the world and that we're fortunate to have so much. No. I'm going to tell people, 'stop being an idiot!' There is no longer any glory in being the first to tweet or update about something that happened. You're being annoying and unless you've just had a child, there's really nothing you can post first that won't seem that way. This is especially true when entertainment and media are involved. Way to go. The only exception I'll make is for the announcement that Whitney has been canceled. Even then, I won't really care.

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