Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sizzling Summer

Fellas. Is it my imagination or do girls seem more radiant this summer than most? Now, I know these words sound easier coming out of Matthew McConaughey's character in Dazed and Confused, but it seems right. And girls, please don't read into this and make it a statement that it's not. I'm not sitting in a lawn chair with my feet in a kiddie pool, wearing a wife beater, balding, and drooling over girls as they walk past. That's not me. I still have all of my hair.

But, seriously. What the heck happened this summer and who do I thank?

I've noticed more girls are taking an interest in what they look like this season. It's honestly a welcomed change from the bum inspired, vomit inducing, and Ugg fueled fashions of the winter. What the hell are girls thinking? Oh God, I just got a mental image of a pair. Gagging.

It's a good thing I can catch a nice pair of gams (legs) while I dry heave the image out of my head. Thank God for girl shorts. While I'm at it, thank goodness for fedoras and the gorgeous girls that can pull them off. And let's get a round of applause for short dresses. You really deserve it. There's nothing quite like realizing that my stroll has been interrupted for the past two minutes because I was watching a cute girl cross the street.

To the ladies that read this blog and think that I've been describing you in this post, congrats. And no, I'm not checking you out.

Now, back to my kiddie pool. 

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