Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Shut It, Peter Pan

Lately, I've been thinking about the things that would entertain me as a kid and teenager. Stuff like video games, movies, bike riding, going to the park, skipping rocks, and watching TV. Lord knows how many hours I spent as a youth doing these things. What really strikes me is that as kids, my friends and I would fit these things into a really packed schedule we kept. Remember those days? Ones that, looking back now, make you wonder how you got anything done in the first place? Take my high school years as an example.

I remember waking up before the sun rose, milking old Betsy, getting showered and dressed, all before the Sun was actually peering over my roof. Lunch time was at 10am where now-a-days, I'm barely up at that time (Don't judge me. I work late nights). Who the heck eats lunch at 10am? My school allowed us to leave campus for lunch and it was always a pain because hardly any fast food joints were open at that hour. And if they said it did, what they really meant was 10:15am.

After coming back from lunch, we would have classes for another 3 hours and then were out of there at 2:07pm. Seriously, my school let out at that exact time. I never understood why it wasn't a few minutes longer or shorter.

Now that we have a time perspective, where the heck does our adult life go? And on top of that, what happened to the stuff that would entertain us back then and why isn't it doing the job now? Maybe some of those things are still there, but they've taken on new meaning, like TV. Back in High School, we probably watched whatever we wanted once we got home. Most of the time, it was just some noise to keep us company because the house was empty. Now, I watch it to "unwind" after work. Really though? When did "unwind" become an action we do and more importantly, who planted that word in my vocabulary?

Video Games? Nope. Got no time. Sorry SNES, I just don't play with you because I bought a 360 and I don't even play that.

Movies? Sorry movies. You're reserved for my days off and only if there's something I really want to see. Also, you're a good date idea, but this time it's just me and one other person. Not a herd of hormone raged, teenage boys.

Bike riding? You've become exercise because our lives have become so busy, that we need an excuse to be active.

And going to the park and skipping rocks? Unless you come with some grilling and a case of beer, we don't talk.

Then it hits me. Why the hell am I blogging about this? I could have been doing any number of those things! Damn you, adult life!

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