Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh yeah, I remember that!

A few months ago, I had gotten myself into Doctor Who. There was a lot of outside influence that made me want to watch the show. It also helped that my close friend was getting into it at the same time. We would both watch it on our own time and discuss episodes when we saw each other, usually at a bar. Let me be the first to tell you that if you meet a girl at the bar and she doesn't know what/who Doctor Who is, she's not worth your time. She might be hot, but if you're reading this blog, you probably didn't have a shot with her anyway. I'm kidding.

Fast forward a few months and you would find me barely through season 2. Something that I was really adamant about watching had fallen to the way side. Before you jump to any conclusions, this isn't an entry about how "I can't finish anything" and "woe is me, I should accomplish something with my life." It's simply about rediscovering something that was pretty sweet.

When I started watching those episodes again, I couldn't understand why I had stopped watching it. I mean, I know how and the why. The simple answer is "life happened." Some good, some bad, but watching those episodes allowed me to somewhat forget about all that and just enjoy the show. Too bad that I couldn't see past life for a moment.

Doctor Who isn't even the beginning. Rediscovering albums, a passion for an art, playing a sport, riding a bike, anything that you haven't done in ages is always a great feeling. One of those other things was watching cartoons and riding my bike. Granted, they can seem like childish activities, but they're totally not. OK, maybe they are, but why can't we just digress into being kids sometimes? It makes life a little more fun.

Note: Prior to writing the end to this entry, I rode my bike to the library to pick up the first volume of All Star Superman. 

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