Friday, August 26, 2011

Anyone Seen My Lucille Ball Around?

Whitney Cummings. Holy crap is that girl hot. Am I right? Maybe I'm wrong and maybe you're stupid, but we're not getting into that. 

For a while I've always thought that the funny, cute girl was a thing of legend, and in a way she still is. Just because Whitney Cummings exists and is evidence that a girl can be both cute and funny doesn't really make it a reality to me. I guess I'm going to be a bit of a skeptic until I see one right in front of me.

When I decided to get back into the dating game, I made a decision that I wouldn't settle for anything less than a girl with a great sense of humor and who was very nice to look at. Well, it's been about six years and we're still scoreless. I'm not really asking for much, am I? 

Then I got to thinking that maybe they just don't exist in my age group. Somehow, the funny cute girl gene never made it out of the 70's and I must mourn its loss. But that's not true! Freaking Miss "Hot Damn" Cummings was born a year before me. There's also the girlfriends of the co-hosts of The Nerdist Podcast. Those guys are about my age and have hilarious girlfriends. This means the gene has survived but is laying quite dormant. 

Well, wake up, damn it! The (good) male population could really use you. We're starting to lose hope in women and it ain't looking any better. But, I guess we'll have to wait. Maybe they're waiting at the finish line for the good guys who finish last. Preferably a redhead?

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