Thursday, September 1, 2011

Watch That Baby Grow!

Most of you may know that I've rocked a mustache for the majority of this year. It's the facial hair I think looks best on me, and at the same time repulses me when I look in the mirror. I still really love it, but sometimes wonder what other people think.

As I sit here, writing this entry, I sometimes forget that my mustache isn't the only ironic part of me. It's when I least want to look like a geek that I remember my laptop has a huge stache smacked on the front of it as well. So, there I sit, looking cool and suave, a cute girl walks in, we make eye contact, she sees the dual stache action, she laughs, I sink in my seat and sip my drink.

That actually happens more often than one would think. It's why I shaved and grew out a full beard this past month. I also felt bad that I hadn't worn the mustache t-shirts my family got me for Christmas. The redundancy would have been WAY too much for my confidence to bear. I feel the same way about the people who match their sneakers with their bright purple hulk tee.

Well, the lip curtains are back and better than ever. I've been getting tons of compliments on it, but mostly from guys. I'm sure the ladies will come around soon enough. It's either that or the majesty of my mustache has left them stunned in silence. I'm almost positive that's the reason. But there's one thing I really wish I hadn't done.

Yeah. I decided to chop my hair off too. I'd be lying if I didn't say my life is starting to resemble that of a chia pet head.

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