Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I love you, Pumpkin

Let me be clear. I love pumpkin spice bread. Also in the mix are pumpkin pies. Honestly, I'm a huge fan of pie in general, and bread. As the famous line from Scott Pilgrim suggests, I put all the blame on my heavyset frame on bread and pie and not wanting to stop eating either. But I digress.

Autumn, or Fall (as I prefer to call it), has always been my favorite season. The abundance of yellow and red, and every color in between, is probably my favorite part. Oh, and pumpkin flavored beer, bread, and pies. Unfortunately, as most of you are aware, if you have a New Yorker on your Facebook wall, this past weekend seemed to skip all that and go straight to Winter. What did I do wrong to have my favorite season taken away like this?* 

I was one of many who didn't believe there would be snow as the forecast had suggested. Granted, it didn't stick around overnight, but I was genuinely upset. It didn't help that I received a picture text from a friend who had escaped the weather earlier in the day. The picture was of a view of sunny Santa Monica. It might as well have had a "wish you were here", in its annoyingly vibrant color scheme, at the top right corner. If I didn't love my phone so much, I would have hurled it across my work room, smashing a view flatscreen TVs, which would have led to losing my job.

Most of my day was actually spent thinking about the West Coast. It had been a while since I was there, almost a year, and I could feel it pulling me back in. My family is actually scared that I'll make the move out there. But, the west has planted itself in me. The fact that they don't deal with snow is actually what has me licking my lips about moving out there. "If that's the case, why not move down south?" No thank you. I'll take the friendly atmosphere over the stupid accent. I'm pretty sure I just lost all of my readers south of the Mason Dixon.

So, the question about the whole situation is why do people feel this way? Is it because the cold weather becomes unbearable to our old bones? Do others move because they feel drawn to an area? Most of my  life has been lived in NY. I spent a few months living in Denver and absolutely loved it. That's even with having moved there during the heart of winter, screaming like a girl when my car would spin across three lanes because of the snow. But I want sunny California days.

If things change soon, I'll really think about making the move, but the changing of the leaves are really keeping me here. I don't know how I would fare without the seasons. Although, I'm pretty sure if there's Pumpkin pie in California, I'll be just fine.

*Inserted for dramatic effect.

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