Friday, October 28, 2011

El Rio Emotionale

Have you ever wondered what makes up your day? Not in the sense of events that occur, but what your day is actually made up of. If you're stuck in a routine? You're constantly doing the same thing day in and day out? Whether or not you've got an agenda for that day? I'm sure everyone has.

How about the surrounding aspects of your life? I'm talking about things like the soundtrack of your day. If you decide to play a certain song because of what's going on. I've often thought about the song I want to play in my car before I head out. I'll sit there, engine running, and scroll through the artists in my iPod. That decision is what I think about before I head anywhere because I have a feeling (more like a knowing) that the song or album I'm about to play will have a bearing on what kind of mood I'll be in, once I reach my destination.

Do I want to be happy as a clam? Play some Matt & Kim.

What if I want to punch someone once I get out of my car? Death From Above 1979.

Do I want to feel like the man? Them Crooked Vultures.

What's funny is that for a long time, I picked songs I thought people might hear while I'm driving. I cared so much about my image that it played into what music I surrounded myself with. It's actually pretty funny because who the hell cares about what music someone is listening to in their car? I'll make an exception for people who blast Phil Collins, Madonna, Peter Gabriel, or any other top 40 of the 80's. I'll laugh at them. 

Even writing this post, I'm sure some of you might think that I'm trying to name drop bands that seem "cool". But who knows? Maybe that's just me having those thoughts about my image again. I assure you that's not the case though.

I've also noticed that movies change my attitude. I have the terrible habit of getting way too into the story of a movie. The feelings I have watching it will always come with me when leaving a theater or getting up from the couch.

How many people walked out after seeing Drive and thought to themselves, "I'm not saying anything. I will be quiet, I will be tough. I will drive my car with authority"? How about people who drove like idiots after watching Gone in 60 Seconds? How many of those people turned into their normal self after an hour? Did anyone ever try to act like a crazy cartoon after watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I seriously doubt it.

What I realized is that these are tools of amazing emotional control. If it's a rainy day, I'll play some Bon Iver. Not because it's a gloomy day and everyone should be sad, but because it just feels right. I'll play a certain song, or watch a certain movie because that's how I feel at the moment. No matter how much I try to sway what I'm feeling, it's better to go with the flow and just enjoy it.

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