Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carpet Dimes

My birthday has always been a point in my life which I look at differently than any other time. Of course it's because I'm celebrating my birth and everyone feels like the world should revolve around them during their birthday. It goes a little deeper for me because of where my birthday lies. It's right at the center of the world physically transforming around us. So, it's easy for me to question what is occurring in my life. I turn one year older and nature turns over its dead leaves. It just seems like change is inevitable.

So what does that mean? Am I going through a late quarter-life crisis? Maybe it's of the mid-life variety, but really early. That's not it at all (I'm far too good looking for that). I think it's just that I'm fully coming into the realization of who I am. For far too long, I wondered how I would fit into this world and it has finally dawned on me.

I'm going to tease you, though. You won't get the answer out of me in this post. Why? Because maybe some readers are going through their own "discovery" and an answer would influence them. Perhaps it would throw them off their course. It took me this long to come to my realization because I went off of others' answers and thought that maybe it was my answer too.

Oh well. Carpe diem, right? Exactly.

I'm diving head first into this. There has been a fire lit under my ass and I haven't been able to stop moving towards my answer. I wonder if this is what a coke head feels after that first bump. 

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