Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Damn You, Deadpool!

"Just stick me in a quiet room and let me throw up for a minute" would be the best way to describe how I felt after leaving NYCC. I can honestly say that I haven't walked around with my head tilted skyward in years. It's one of the trademarks of a tourist in NY and that is exactly how I felt during this Con.

There was more to take in there than I had ever experienced before. It was loud, there were flashing lights, people screaming from every direction, and the flow of the crowd was non-stop.  To be honest, I thought back to the stories friends had shared about their experiences of shopping in Tokyo and wondered if this was what it was like.

About an hour into it, my friend and I seemed to have enough. We turned to each other with wide eyes and we could tell something was up. I was dizzy and he wanted to throw up. The two of us wanted nothing more than to sit down, close our eyes, and shut the world out for a few minutes. Of course, this wasn't going to happen.

So, after taking a breather, we split up to cross off items from our own agendas. We decided that using our cell phones to keep in touch was the best thing to do. Boy were we wrong. God knows how many fanboys were posting pictures on their blogs, twitter, and facebook pages straight from their phones. The service was shot to hell. It wasn't until I turned off 3G (barbaric, I know) that I was able to send out a text.

There's an upside though. As much as I couldn't stand certain aspects, I can't wait for next year's NYCC. I saw things I would never see in my normal life. I took a picture with a life size Optimus Prime, witnessed Chewbacca hug Mr. T, snapped a photo of Shaun in between his slaying of zombies, and had a few Sonic Screwdrivers pointed at me. Trust me, I'm going to plan that trip a lot more than I did this one (there was no plan. We didn't know what we were in for).

It also helped me realize how much I freaking love Doctor Who. The very first thing I saw was an Ironside Dalek. As I snapped a quick photo of it, I knew it was going to be a great time. I also learned that I'm really not a nerd. Yes, I watch Doctor Who and submit a pull list to a local comic shop, but I'm not a nerd. My friend Josh said it best, "we're cultured in those areas, but we're not nerds".

Here's to knowing that I'm just a normal guy who knows what he likes. Oh, and being called a hipster by a fat girl cosplaying as Deadpool. Allons-y!

Photos from NYCC:

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